Working Holiday Guide


The Nunnerys guide to help you get started on your working holiday adventure!
Getting a job whilst traveling gives you a more authentic experience Australian experience. This guide helps you to organise the basics when you arrive.


Writing a resume can always be challenging, and especially when you’re in a foreign country! Try this website for advice on what to include in your Australian resume: and are the most popular job sites. If you’re going for Hospitality work, try walking around the different bars and cafes with your CV.


Bank Account

When arriving in Australia, you need to open up an Australian Bank account. The biggest banks in Australia are:

  • ANZ205 Lygon St, Carlton VIC 3053
  • Commonwealth- 85-87 Johnston St, Fitzroy
  • NAB –224-228 Smith St, Collingwood
  • Westpac- 215 Smith St, Fitzroy

Commonwealth are the most popular bank, mostly due to the fact that you can get cash out free of charge from any 7 eleven. Do your research and compare bank fees, interest rates etc.

To open a bank account, you need your passport and proof of address. We can help you out with the proof of address!

Tax File Number

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a unique nine-digit number issued to individuals which allows you to work and pay taxes! There are a number of situations where you will be asked to provide your TFN, such as when you start work or change jobs.

In order to get a TFN you will need your passport and an Australian postal address (you can use ours).

It will take up to 28 days to get your TFN sent. After a couple of weeks, it should have been processed so if you need it urgently try to ring the Australian Tax Office and they may be able to provide you with your number over the phone. Working without a TFN will mean you will be on a higher tax bracket.

For more information and to apply online visit the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website:


Tax Return

You are also able to apply for a tax return when you’re on a Working Holiday Visa. You can apply online (E-tax) or paper application.
For more information on Tax Return visit:

Medicare (Health Care)

Medicare entitles you to limited subsidised health services for immediately necessary treatment while visiting Australia. Find more information here:
If you are eligible get this sorted as soon as you get here! If after several weeks your card has not arrived, call 1800-MEDICARE and ask the representative to send another one.
The following countries are eligible:
• United Kingdom * Norway
• Sweden   * Malta
• the Netherlands  * Italy
• Finland    * New Zealand
• Republic of Ireland
To apply you will need your passport, visa and an Australian postal address (you can use our postal address). The easiest way to apply is in person at your nearest Medicare centre.
Galleria Shopping Plaza, E17/385 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Take the 96 tram from just outside our door towards St Kilda and hop off at stop 5 Bourke St Mall.

Sim cards

Get an Australian mobile number! That way employers, family and mates can get hold of you while you’re Down Under. Pre-paid SIM cards are both cheap and easy to find. The biggest companies in Australia are:
• Optus
• Telstra
• Vodafone
• Virgin
 Our tip – head to the corner of Bourke St and Swanston St in Melbourne’s CBD. You will find a Vodafone, Optus and Telstra store there, so you can go between the three and find the best deal for you. If you are planning to travel or work in rural areas (eg. farm work), consider a Telstra simcard. They are the most expensive of the major companies, but have the best coverage in rural areas. If you’re doing farm work, we would advise you to contact the owner/manager of the farm you’re going to and ask them which phone companies get coverage in the area. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in Australia, unable to contact your friends and family!
There are other smaller phone companies that you can use, Boost, Amaysim, and many others. These are usually cheaper than the main four companies. The only issue with these companies is that they have poor customer service. So if you run into troubles with your phone service, you will be waiting for a long time on the phone to speak to someone. Other than that, they are a good option, especially for people looking to save money.

Flat/ house share

Looking for your own space? Below are some good websites for short or long term accommodation. House hunting in Melbourne can sometimes take time especially if you’re holding out for a place in Fitzroy and the surrounding suburbs. In fact, in all of Australia, Fitzroy is the most competitive suburb in which to find a house!

Consider which area you would like to live in and how far your commute to work will be.

These websites are the most commonly used:
• Facebook pages such as Rent Network Melbourne, Housemate Search and Fairy Floss Real Estate are good for sublets.


Transport & Getting about

Finding your way in a big city like Melbourne can be challenging. With the Public Transport Victoria Journey Planner you can find the way from A to B. This webpage gives you all the information about public transport, timetables and how to get around:
To use the trams outside of the free tram zone you will need a Myki card, which can be purchased and topped up at any 7/11 or train station. You can also rent a myki at the Nunnery – just see the Nuns at reception!



Cycling is a great way to see Melbourne The city has an extensive network of off-road bicycle paths, as well as designated bicycle lanes on many streets. You can rent a bike through Steve at reception or visit:
For purchasing second hand bikes try or walk down to Second Chance Cycles in Collingwood and pick yourself up a bike for $50 – it’s a great charity and only a 20min walk.


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