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Nunnery History The Nunnery was built in 1888 for prominent English Physician Dr.Thomas Hewlett. His son Herbert Hewlett was one of the pioneers of x-ray technology in Australia and x-ray equipment was installed here in 1902. In 1944 the archdiocese purchased the building for the Daughters of Charity for 5,732 pounds. The Daughters of Charity renamed it St Vincent’s Hall and went about their pastoral/parish work in Fitzroy and Collingwood. A chapel and a confessional were built in a large room on the ground floor for the contemplation and a prayer and later small service were held. In 1960 the sisters opened St Mary’s house of Welcome located on Brunswick st.The Sisters also took young women aged 16-19 as boarders who came from the country to work or study in the city.Rumour has it that the Nuns were strict on their young borders, curfews and attire checks were common. Gentleman callers were only allowed as far as the front lounge. In 1979, the house accommodated young women from Vietnam and Cambodia. In 1989 the Refugee accommodation was discontinued and the Nuns moved to North Carlton to continue their work. In 1990 the Townshend family purchased the building from the Daughters of Charity and established one of Melbourne’s first backpacker hostels for young international travellers and called it “The Nunnery”. Today The Nunnery is regarded as one of the best backpackers in Australia and has expanded over the years to cater to a greater range of travellers.Now the new “Nun’s” have backpacker’s accommodation through to B&B style accommodation and the curfew is long long gone.

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The Nunnery Team

We have a small friendly team at the Nunnery. The team are here are to offer you the best stay ever.

The Nuns are all locals who can give you the best advice on Melbourne. When they’re not helping out the guests they’re checking bookings, cleaning up and dreaming up better ways to help you.

Who’s cleaning your loo? Don’t underestimate the humble housekeeper they are all intelligent internationals that come from far and wide to study and live in Melbourne.

Gaz is our resident superman, he knows the place like the back of his hand, he maintains the buildings and gardens and keeps everything running in tip top shape.

Legendary Housekeepers

The faithful Nuns

The Gaz

Nunnery Events
We host a number awesome events. Trust us these events are AMAZING!
Photos of the Nunnery and it’s delightful guests.
Melbourne Bible
The Nuns blog with tips on Melbourne and as well as “Souls of the Nunnery”.

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